My name is Siri. Im a 21 year old girl from Oslo, Norway. I have always gone on vacations with my family, but its just resonantly I have began to explore the world by myself. I am also a film student and saw my new adventures as a chance to make something fun and thats how Young World was borne. What is the point of making a film about where you have been if no one can see it. So I wanted to post it all online and see how that would go… Young World, have some fun.

On my travels I always have to have a presenter with me that can tell you what we are doing. These are the lucky people that are helping me with this important role:

Dave Brett

Dave is the most eager and outgoing presenter I have. He is from London, England. He is studying travel and management at Swansea Metropolitan University. He love to travel and are near to have visited 40 countries in his 21 year long life. Together we went to Japan for 3 months and we have also visited Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Norway, England, Wales and Finland together. Keep a eye on this guy, he will be big one day.

Eva Saugstad

Eva is a part time presenter at Young World. She is originally from Norway so her english is as expected but still more then good enough to tell you what is happening. She is 17 year old and are studying design in Oslo, Norway. We have travelled together all over the world. And most places I have been she have been too. She love to travel and have a lot of travel dreams planed out. It will be exiting to see where she will go next.


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