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Rome sweet Rome

Yesterday we arrived in Rome. We managed to get to the hotel and fell a sleep. So now we have 3 days in Rome and we will try to see it all. Rome is very different from Tokyo. While Tokyo is modern and urban, Rome is old and antic. The Japanese people is very private and its hard to get to know them. While in Italy it don´t take long before someone talk to you. In Tokyo you eat suhi, in Rome you eat pizza. So a little bit of everything!

The first day we are just starting with a walk. We manage to find Colosseum and since we are so lucky to be in Rome under the cultural week, of everything, so we got in to Colosseum for FREE! Yey, thats perfect for two poor students stuck in Rome. So that mean that we would get in for free in a lot of cultural places. But first Colosseum. Its huge! And beautiful and magnificent. Its amazing that they cud build something that big for that long time ago, and it still stands! Can we say the same about the houses we are building these days? I don´t think so.

After you have seen the Colosseum you go across the road past the Arch of Constantine to Forum. Forum is the old city center. Here they have dug out old beautiful buildings, you can almost see how the old city looked like before. Its nice just to walk around take it easy, just admire the view.

After that the trip went to Fontana di Trevi. A gorgeous fountain that is also the most know one in Rome. The legend say that if you trow a coin in the fountain you will come back to Rome again. For my part it have worked so far. For almost 3 years ago I was in Rome with my dad and we threw a coin in the Fontana di Trevi. Three year later Im back! So maybe I will get a chance one more time to get back to beautiful Rome in the future, Dave too.

Next was Piazza di Spagna, the Spanish stairs. It is really crowded as every other place in Rome, and really beautiful. Young and old people were siting on the stair, bathing in the sun. It really pop out from everything around, because its so white. It was really warm that day, so we didn´t manage to stay there too long and kept on going.

“It got it´s name because it´s next to the Spanish embassy” Dave Brett

We also went and took a look at St. Peters Basilica, but we will visit that tomorrow. For dinner we found Rome´s Hard Rock Cafe. Its become a tradition, we have to visit every Hard Rock Cafe in the city we are in. Its really interesting to see what is different and how the food is. After that we walked tired back to out awesome hotel, ready for a good night sleep.

Thank you Iceland

Then our last day in Tokyo. For second time we were of to Narita airport. This time prepared to maybe go back again after a hour or too. Standing in the line we kept a scarp look at the departure board. We felt really bad for the people going on the air france plain when it got cancelled. But we managed to get true the line without Rome getting cancelled. So we were very happy when we got out tickets to Rome.

We weren’t able to fly direct to London from Rome, so we got 3 extra days in Rome! Im not complaining. At the airport we found a cheap and nice hotel in Rome centrum and started to plan the next days in Rome, the main capital of Italy.

When we got to Fiumicino airport in Rome it was very late and we didn’t have any money. Of course everything can´t go as planed, when Dave went to take out money his card didn´t work. He didn´t manage to get out any money, not good, since my card was in Sopporo somewhere. We exchanged the Japanese yen for euro, but it was still not enough. After some phone calls he manage to get his card working, thank God.

Then the next problem was to find out how to get in to town. We found out that it went a bus and a train. The bus was cheaper, but we couldn’t find it and almost missed the last train.

Finally in town we had to find the hotel. Im always surprised over how nice some people are. We went in to another hotel and asked where it was and he showed us on a map. Finally late a night we came to the hotel and what a hotel! I was to tired to appreciate it full, but Antico Palazzo Rospigliosi (the hotel) was really beautiful.

So then we finally were done with a month backpacking in Japan. It have been awesome! Japan is a beautiful, exiting, different and cultural country I think everybody should visit once in their life. I had a great time, and I hope you all had a great time reading and watching out trip. Now its time to walk the streets of Rome, a totally different city from Tokyo in so many ways.

Stranded in Tokyo

Today was the big to do day. We had met up with Victoria, another stranded person and a friend of Dave. We decided to take this as a opportunity to see more of Tokyo. We started with buying a all day pass at the subway station, whit this we cud get everywhere. After that we took Victoria back to Ginza street for some sightseeing and shopping. Since we had been there before we didn´t feel the urge to stay long and went on.

We visited a lot of stores, took some pictures in a strange automat, visited Swallowtail a butler cafe instead of he more usual maid cafe. Well when I say visited Swallowtail it was more looking at the sign, finding out that you have to reserve a table and the turn around and went to Starbucks instead. After Starbucks we went to Sunshine City a known shopping mall. It was really big, just like we had heard, but so is everything else in Tokyo. But its also so much more, its a observatory, museum, aquarium, planetarium, hotel and theatre. We just saw the shopping mall though.

After that we went back to Shibuya. Here we finally found the statue of Hachico. The story about the dog Hachico is really cute. It was this professor that found a puppy all alone on the Shibuya station. He took the puppy as his own. Every day the dog followed him to the station and waited there all day, until the professor came back again at night. One day the professor died at work, but the dog kept on coming to the station every day. Waiting for its owner until it died. And now its a statue of it at Shibuya station.

And the we went to Grand Cyber Cafe B@gus. Its a cafe where you pay for each hour you stay. Then you can eat as much ice cream you want, drink as much as you want, se as many films, play as many games, surf as much as you want online. Its kind of cool, but also a little bit creepy. You get a little box to be in so no one else can see what you are doing. So people can do everything inside those boxes, everything… Anyway its till a must do.

At the end of the day we went to Roppongi and Hard Rock cafe. It´s become a kind of tradition, to visit all the Hard Rock cafes we can find in each country we visit. At least we know its good and safe food, and they are really cool to eat at I think 🙂 A nice way to end the day.

Harajuku girl

Well as you maybe remember we now had some extra days in beautiful Tokyo, because the Icelandic volcano by the glacier  Eyjafjallajøkull decided to erupt and stop all plain traffic with its ashes. Anyway, we didn´t complain. The insurance said that they would cover food and hotel, and we had a new flight home some days later, nothing to be worried about at all.

We have spend a round a week in Tokyo by now, but you can spend a year in Tokyo and still see new places every day. So we chose a new place from the guide book and went to look at the harajuku girls at the Harajuku square. Japanese people have this strange thing about cosplay, dressing up. They love it! We had a look at it in Kyoto at the Manga museum but this time we were going to the core. Have you ever heard “Harajuku girl” by Gwen Stefani? Well that is inspired by the place we went today, Harajuku square.

The first we meet is some people dressed up like rockers from 1950. They are placed in groups round the square and are dancing after music. They do not ask for money, they just do it for the love of it. Its kind of cool. Its more then rockers there as well. Everywhere you can see different groups with punk, skaters, goths and so on. All gathered in one place where they can be what ever they want. Its not only the people that interest me, but also the park. The parks in Tokyo is always beautiful, but they also are very different. Earlier parks, like Hama Rikyu Garden in Mr. Satoshies tour, was much calmer, silent in a way. But Harajuku park was busy. People everywhere on picnic, walking the dog, talking, having lunch, preforming, dancing and so on. It was awesome and confusing, all at once.

Deeper in to the park we fell over another shrine, Meiji Jingu Shrine. Here you could buy Votibe tablets to write prayers on and then they was hung round the divine three and your wish would come true. I don´t believe in that stuff, but it did look nice in a way. It was special nice to go round the divine three and read what people had prayed for, even if it felt a little bit like peeking.

It was when we left the park again we saw what we usually thing Harajuku people look like. Standing on the bridge posing for the tourist. I guess If you like to dress like that you like attention, so they look like they were in the seventh heaven. We took some pictures and filmed a bit and then we left the strange world of Harajuku girls.

BTW I had some technical difficulties with the SD card for this part of the trip. It just decided to get corrupted just like the Hiroshima and Osaka card. But this time Dave came to rescue and found this program, Wondershare, that managed to convert the corrupted files over to mov files again. Ok so every clip have now “Wondershare” in the left corner and the quality is mush wors, but I got the film! And when I get back to Swansea I promise to try and fix Osaka and  Hiroshima so I can show you those to.

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The beginning of the end

Then our last day was here. After 3 weeks in fantastic Japan we were on the end. We got our self to Narita airport with heavy bags from all the shopping. It was very easy to find out where we was checking in and then it was just to wait. We had heard about the volcano in Iceland that erupted, but we had checked online before we went to the airport and everything looked good.

So while we was waiting in the line I saw all the workers run together behind the check in counter. One of them was holding a phone while she was talking to them all. Of some reason this concerned me a lot, Dave on the other hand seemed untouched by this event. When the line started go again Dave thought he was right about nothing being wrong, but after a while we saw that everyone was being send of with their bags. It was now clear that our plain was cancelled and that it was no way we would get home today.

I am really happy I was there with Dave. He knows what to do in these cases and went soon of to get us new plain tickets. We got a tips from another british guy there and Dave found the right person to talk to. After a while she was able to get us a plain to Rome 4 days later and then a plain from Rome to London 4 days after that again. So that means that we will get a couple of days in Rome as well, not bad. Of course we were a little bit concerned about money, specially because I didn´t have my credit card anymore after day day 7 “Up North” were I lost my card holder in Sopporo. But you always have to look at the bright side, we get a week extra vacation!!!!

The next was to call the hostel again and get rooms for the next days. We had to change rooms after a night, but as long as we had a bed to sleep in that was no problem. After lunch we went back to tokyo to continue the adventure we just had ended.

Disney magic

Finally the Disney day was here. In Japan they have two parts of Disneyland. Its Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, we chose to do something different this time and went for Tokyo DisneySea. We had heard that it was a beautiful made team park and one of the most popular one. And it was beautiful. We cud really see the work and money that was  laid in to it. Unfortunately for us it was constantly raining that day. With some periods of clear sky we walked the round of the park.

Now, even if the park is very detailed and beautiful its not a lot of amazing roller coaster´s. Of some reason the japanese people get really quick scared and exited I think, so they have to be careful. I think it was just two roller coaster´s that was really fun. So if you are going for a adrenalin chick this is not the right park for you. On the other hand its perfect for a family trip.

We did have a really nice time anyway. Felt like I was a kid all over again. Looking at show´s, taking roller coaster´s, eating, laughing and in the end we went away wet and happy, back to Tokyo center.

Amazing and fun day, take a look at the film and I will see you again next week.


Yesterday we came back to Tokyo and was really planning to go to Disneyland today, but because of bad weather we cancelled it and will take it tomorrow instead. So what can you do in bad weather, when you are in Tokyo on one of your last days? That´s easy… SHOPPING! So we went back to the now known streets of Tokyo and went crazy! Since we just needed money for two more days it was no use saving paper yen for the trip back to London. Spend it all was the new plan! And it´s crazy many things you can spend money on in Tokyo. I ended up buying some fans, bowls, t-can, umbrella, hat and a awesome full suite Pikachu costume! And I still want to go back for more, but one backpack have it´s limits 😦

After the shopping we finally had time to go to the Shibuya crossing that Dave had talked about the whole trip. It is one of the most busiest crossings in the world, so he said. I have to admit I didn’t believe him at first, but after siting in that Starbucks in half an hour I believed him. It was packed every time it went green. A continuing stream of people going over. We had to, of course, go over several times, just to be real tourists and really get in to how the crossing work.

After a bit to long time at the crossing we got the tube home. But when we came to one of the main tube stations where we needed to switch tube everything was closed.  We ended up tired, with a lot of bags, walking home. Several stops away from where we stayed in the middle of the night. I was not happy. At least I slept very well that night.

The episode for today is of course out and ready to watch, next episode will be out same day next week.

Keep on reading! It´s more to come 😀

Roadtrip and Hangover

Ok, last night was a little bit messed up I have to admit. I got little sleep that night with a very drunk Dave in the room, but now we are in a new and fresh day with new possibilities. The breakfast was amazing, It was so many different things I didn´t know and still don´t know what was, but it was delicious. To bad for Dave that had a awful hangover and didn´t manage to eat anything.

After the breakfast we went on a nice roadtrip up the mountains. Here we found snow and beautiful views. It was really nice to sit in a car for once. In a nice comfortable, warm car, luxury for backpackers. It was a bad day weather vise, so it was a perfect way to use the day. Dry and nice inside but still able to see something. With Dave´s really bad hangover we had a really quiet day with little happening except sightseeing from the car.

In the end we arrived yet again in Tokyo for our last days in the big city!

Keep on watching who ever you are and tell me what you like or not like 🙂

Next episode is out same day, next week.

Sing a song

After the fail at Mount Fuji we went back to Tokyo again. This time we didn´t stay long because we was meeting up with mr. Satoshi again. This time to try his hotel in Fukushima, exiting. Fist we took a train, he was waiting for us on the train station and then we jumped in to his car and started driving. His hotel was a while out in nothing it feels like, because that drive took ages. But that also mean that it is away from people, private and silent. And it is beautiful located inside the forest.

The room we got was really nice and made me looking for a nice night with sleep. The hotel also had hot spring baths. We took a trip true it all and got nice and calm before dinner. And what a dinner! It was fantastic. I don´t even know what it all was, but it was sea animals, fish, vegetables and so on. Beautiful decorated on the table. It all tasted wonderful!

After the dinner Dave finally got to do what he had wanted to do since the beginning of the trip, sing karaoke. Mr Satoshi got a karaoke machine set up on the common room. While the singing was going on at a high lever, the drinking was even higher. On the trip we had been good kids and kept away from drinking, kept our self sober and awake. But this night at least Dave gave that up and ended up drinking quite a lot. The sleep I was looking for disappeared after Dave and Mr. Satoshies bottle 2 of sake, each. What a night….

The film is up on youtube and here, still in the right corner under Japan. Enjoy 🙂