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Alice Springs

When we finished in Melbourne our next place was Alice Springs and road trip. At Alice Springs airport we picked up our small car and started our adventure in the outback.

We started with driving to Alice Springs town. Alice Springs is the second largest town in the Northern territory in Australia. And that tell u something when you see how small the town is. But it is also extremely charming.

I just loved walking around in there. It was so quiet and calm, not like the bigger cities Sydney and Melbourne. They sold beautiful homemade souvenirs and good food and coffee.

It was also very interesting to finally be at a part of Australia that had more Aboriginal residents. The whole time we had travelled around we had just heard about them in different historical places, but not yet seen or met any. In Alice Springs it was many. What I thought I would see was a happy people living a healthy and interesting mix of two cultures. What I saw was sad and poor people, sitting in dirt and hanging on the corner. Even on their own land they can´t seem to be happy.

Anyway, Alice Spring is still a little oasis in the wast desert around it.

The daintree ice cream company and Cains

The last days in Cains area is coming up. Today we went to daintree ice cream company. A really cute place were they grow their own fruit and then make delicious ice cream out of it. And as the most ice cream loving family I have ever met we had to visit them. It was a beautiful place. With a nice garden with beautiful flowers and a lot of butterflies flying around, love butterflies ❤ We got 3 flavors of ice cream in a cup from a nice lady and just enjoyed it in the garden. After the nice and special ice cream we went and looked at the fields of different fruits and berries. A lot  I don´t know what was and some familiar once, like banana. A nice little stop of if you´r ever in Daintree.

Then we went back to Cains. We haven´t really been in Cains center yet, we just went and got the camping car and drove of. Today we took a better tour. It is smaller then Sydney of course, it more like a little city, but not yet a town. They had a nice common swimming pool/fountain by the cost were it seemed that half of Cains were hanging. From there you cud walk up a shopping street that ended up in a shopping mall. So basically like any other city. I am sure it´s more to do in Cains, but we didn´t have that much time there.

Have a look at the video for more information.

Camping, Ellis beach, Port Douglas and Daintree rainforest.

After a lovely time in Sydney we left for Cains. Here we rented a camping car to live in while we stayed in this area. We have never used a camping car before, it was really cool to sit in a couch while you were driving. Incredible how they manage to cramp all those rooms in such a little space! I liked it, was really different from what I have done before. The first place we drove to was Ellis beach. A nice little camping place with beach, pool and shower. The relaxing part of the vacation had arrived.

After staying there a night we took the camping car out on a spin and went to Port Douglas, we drove first up to Port Douglas view point (even if it´s not recommended for camping cars). Beautiful view from there, nice to see all over the city, ocean and rainforest at the same time. Port Douglas itself was a small village with one main road with stores round. You cud easily see that they were used to take care of tourists, and it was really just friendly faces to see. Nice stop over.

Then we drove to the Daintree area, we had to take a boat over a river with the car to get there, kind of cool. When we go over we stopped at a viewing point to see over a small parts of the big rainforest. Still amazing to look at, even if you do get a bit used to it when you see it passing by a whole day. Then we arrived at our second camping ground.

I was not that happy with this one. It was dark and very wet and muddy and on the beach it was signs warning you against crocodiles. It was frogs everywhere!!! Not the best ending of this part of the trip.

If you want to see more, take a look at the video!

Featherdale wildlife park and Blue mountains

When we were in Sydney we didn´t just stay in the city center. One day we booked a tour to the Blue Mountains. Something you really should do, it was stunning.

First part of the tour we went to Featherdale wildlife park. At the entrance a man met us holding the cutest little Wallaby. Then you got a couple of hours to just run around in the park looking at all the amazing Australian animals. We also got to pet a Koala, hold a snake and feed the kangaroo and wallabies! Fun for the whole family.

After some animal love we drove on. We stopped over a couple of times. Once to eat at a nice golf club with a good selection of food. Another time we stopped so the driver and guide cud show us how to trow a boomerang correctly. Very funny.

But the big part of the trip was when we arrived at the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains is a very big rainforest, it is called Blue Mountains because of the steam the eucalyptus trees makes, the steam make the rainforest look blue. Another part of of the Blue Mountains worth having a look at is the Three sisters. You can see them from far away or if you want to you can also climb them. The three sisters is three rock formations made of sandstone. It is a lot of legends and stories around those three stones. Our driver told us one:

The commonly told legend of the Three Sisters is that three sisters (Meehni’, ‘Wimlah’ and Gunnedoo’) lived in the Jamison Valley as members of the Katoomba tribe)they fell in love with three men from a neighbouring tribe (the Nepean tribe), but marriage was forbidden by tribal law.The brothers were not happy to accept this law and so decided to use force to capture the three sisters causing a major tribal battle. Battle ensued, and the sisters were turned to stone by an elder to protect them, but he was killed in the fighting and no one else could turn them back.

After looking at the Blue mountains and the Three Sisters from the view point we were taken to Scenic world. A kind of a fun park to get the chance to look closer at the rainforest. Here we too the steepest railway I have ever seen and a cable car with a beautiful view. It was also really cool to have a look at the rainforest from inside it. It has a lot of similarities if the Norwegian primeval forest.

Then we were taken to the river for our last part of the trip. We said goodbye to out awesome Australian driver and guide and jumped on a boat that took us down the river and in to the Rock. Harbour bridge and the Sydney Opera looked great at night.

Have a look at the video for some visuals from the trip.


I am back again! This time I will tell you about my amazing trip to Australia! I so want to go back again. I travelled there for almost a month with my mom, dad and sister. First place we went was Sydney.

I really liked Sydney. Not just because of the Sydney Opera and Harbour bridge, bud because of the over all atmosphere of the place. I specially liked it a Darling Harbour and the Rocks area.

Ok, the first you should do when you arrive Sydney is to go to Sydney Tower. You can see all of Sydney from there and get a great first look of this amazing city. I like to go to some sort of tower to have a overlook every time I visit a new city. Nice way to be introduced to a place.

If you are a big movie fan (like me) you should definitely go and see a film at the iMAX at Darling Harbour. This is the biggest screen in the world! Don´t miss it! It is massive…

We also went to Sydney Aquarium. They have over 11 500 animals in there and is a amazing way to see how much life it is in the Australian ocean. They have turtles, sharks, Nemo and so much more.

I am not much a shopping person. But, do take a couple of hours to roam the stores in Sydney. It may be a bit expensive, specially in the Rocks area, but they have a lot of exiting stores that should be looked at. You don´t have to buy something if you don´t want to of course.

Now, me and my dad really wanted to try the bridge climb over Sydney Harbour Bridge. But, after looking at the prices we decided that it wasn´t worth it. That does not mean that it´s not an amazing thing to do. I have a couple of friends that have done it and they say it was magical. So if you feel you can afford it I really think you should go for it.

What we did instead of the bridge climb was to walk up on the bridge and go to the first pillar were the Harbour bridge lookout is. This is very cheap and you get to walk through a museum about the bridges history as well. The view on the top of the pillar is more then good enough for me.

Then you of course have to see the Sydney Opera. See it from a view first. Maybe from  Harbour bridge lookout or from the Rocks dock, something like that. Because it is very beautiful far away. But, when you come closer it change. I found it a bit yellow, not white. And the surface was not smooth as I thought it would be. It was interesting to take a closer look, but I was a bit disappointed. It look best far away and it look brilliant at night.

After that you can take a stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens right beside the Opera house. It looks more like a park I think, but beautiful never the less. And it is filled with birds. Specially the Kakadus are round here, screaming their head of. Be a bid careful round them because they are quit aggressive. The thing

that shocked us the most in Sydney was the amount of fruit bats! They were everywhere and in massive numbers. We walked out of the Botanical Gardens late evening and got to see the bats wake up. It was almost creepy to see them all fly up from the threes above us.

When you are sick of the city life and want to relax a bit, maybe try some surfing or just look at it. Take a trip to the famous Bondi beach. Even if it is the typical tourist beach it is beautiful and the water is so warm!

I am sure it´s more to do in Sydney. But this was all we had time to. I hope you have gotten some tips and ideas. Have a look at the Sydney video as well for some nice visuals.