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The world is just getting smaller and smaller. To travel to 14 countries in 4 months would be impossible for just some years ago. But now I have the possibility to do this with ´See the world with Spar`!

This will be the perfect ending of my three years at university. I love to travel and blog so vote for me and I will show you why the world is worth to see.

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On the top of Budapest

Finally we manage to wake up to right time. We were tired as hell and really wanted to go back to bed, but this time we were set on making the hotel breakfast. I have had better breakfast, but it was more then enough. I got full and happy. But we went back to bed again, because nothing were opening before 12 anyway…

For lunch we went back to Gerbeaud. This time we bought three cakes to taste them between us. I also bought a hot chocolate with cream. That was the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted before and after. It was like heaven in a cup. The chocolate was tick and dark and warm. Real hot chocolate, made the old fashion way. It kicked Starbucks hot chocolate by a mile. I so wish I cud go back, just to taste it one more time.

After Gerbeaud we went to the old Budapest, that is placed on the top of Budapest center. Vi walked up instead of taking the Funicular, we needed the training and the money 😛 And when you walk you also have the chance to stop and enjoy the beautiful view of Budapest in the evening. When we came to the top we cud see all of Budapest in the last sun of the day. It was stunning.

We walked further in inn the old city and came to the fishermen´s bastion. A beautiful bastion. It was really a magical place to be. It was so amazing made with its strange architecture and engravings. It was like the castle in fairy tales.

For dinner today we found a Italian restaurant, “Tom-George“, with the best Milkshake ever 🙂 The funniest with this place was that you cud see the cook make your Pizza. A very nice place, with great staff and great food.

A trip to Budapest

This is a trip Dave and I took in January 2010, a little bit late I know, but here it is.

The day started early, very early. In the middle of the night Dave came running in to my room at campus with all his stuff for the trip. We got some few hours sleep before the alarm clock rang for a new day.

While I was getting ready, Dave made breakfast. After that we went of to the train station to get on the train from Swansea to Bristol Airport at 08:28. To get all the way we had to change at Bristol Parkway and then get a bus from Bristol Temple Meads to Bristol airport. Very confusing, but in the end we arrived at the airport two hour before the plain was leaving. We got on the plain and some couple hours later we arrived in Budapest.

It´s always strange to get of at a new country and realize that you don´t understand anything they say or write round you. We took out some money, 15 000 Forint that is 50 pounds. 100 Forin is 3 pens, so that is nice.

We took the train in to Budapest center. It was a little bit scary because the conductor spoke little english, so she kept on speaking hungarian to us, like we understood that. Apparently we had to big money, so she didn´t have enough money for change. So she talked to one of the other passengers and he helped us with change, very strange but nice at the same time. It´s always nice when people help each other even if you can understand what they are talking about. We didn´t know 100% were to get of and it was impossible to see any signs on half of the stations we drove past. So we just sat on to the last stop, that was the city center, were we were suppose to get of anyway. So that worked out well.

For a while we tried to find out were we was so we cud find the hotel. In the end we had to give that up, to many streets with strange names. So we did what all confused tourists do, we took a taxi. The driver was very nice, but his english was rubbish.

Finally we got to the hotel. The receptionist was very nice and the first one we met that was good in english. The hotel, Star city hotel, was very nice. I felt safe right away. The rooms was big and as every other hotel room. The roof was very high though, must cost a fortune to heat up. One thing I really don´t like is dubbed films and television. For my big disappointment, Hungary dub their television.

After we had moved in to the room we went out to get some food. The nice receptionist suggested a typical hungarian restaurant called “Basohjvar” that was 20 minutes down the road. So we went for that. After a while we got to a beautiful place with statues of all the old hungarian leaders. The place was big and very nice illuminated. I think its more beautiful in the night then the day. When we came  round the corner we saw some light through some threes. It was in the opposite direction from where we were suppose to go, but we just wanted to see what it was. It was a restaurant called “Robinson”.  It was located by the river. Up from the water round it steam was coming up, hiding the restaurant in mist. It was lighted up with many small lights. Inside the restaurant came calm romantic music. It was just perfect, just then we heard music from another place.

We decided to check it out. Over a hill we looked down at a charming little skating path by the water. I had already decided, I wanted to eat at Robinson not Basohjvar even if it felt like I was deceiving the receptionist. We did take a look at Basohjvar, but after Robinson it just didn´t work. So we went for Robinson, and what a place!

The food was beautiful and delicious. The staff was polite and nice. The price was not bad at all eater! And the mood in the whole place for just perfect. A perfect ending on a long day with traveling. If you ever come to Budapest, fin Robinson restaurant one night. You will not regret.

Ciao, sayonara, goodbye, hade…

I know I have said this before, but this time it´s true! Today is the last day of mine and Dave´s amazing backpacker trip to Japan, and then suddenly Rome as well.

It wasn’t the most beautiful day in Rome. It was raining. So we decided to use our hop on hop of bus tickets once more. You soon realize that you can see most of Rome in just a day. So we didn´t see a lot of new things on the new bus trip, but oh well, beats walking…

After a last quick look at beautiful Rome we got back to the hotel and then back to the Fiumicino airport. This time with no problems. Got on the plain and of to London we went. We came so late to Heathrow that all the subways and busses had stopped for the night. So instead of paying a insanely sum to the taxi we slept over at the airport. I have never done that before so that made it more exiting, but thats mostly it.

Sleeping at a airport is like spleeping in a car; uncomfortable and cold. Dave almost didn´t sleep at all. He sat there watching the things and me. While I tried to sleep just a little bit. Some how a manage it and somehow the night past and we got back to Swansea in one peace.

In all this have been a great adventure. I have done so much I never thought I would ever do and I was lucky to shear it with such a awesome person. I think everyone should try to get to Japan once in their life. It´s a beautiful place with so many new things. You will come back with a new perspective with life and always carry the memories with you. I know I will….

Thank you for this time. I will be back with more to tell in a couple of weeks. That time I will tell you about Budapest in Hungary.