Daytrip in Singapore

If you have a week in Singapore. It is loads of things to fill your days with. Some of these things should get a whole day reserved to them.

One of my favorites is Singapore Botanic Gardens. This is a huge park in the middle of Singapore. It is a perfect place to go for walks, runs or just to relax in the sun. You can take loads of beautiful pictures of flowers and if you hang around long enough you are sure to see a couple of animals like turtles, fishes, swans, squirrels and maybe even a Varan. They have a beautiful orchid garden, a concert scene, a Jurassic walk and so on. Really a place to learn and relax.

If you would like to go on a boat trip, “Cheng ho” harbor cruise is a good pick. On the cruise you get served high tea (tea with some different cakes and sandwiches) and a guide tell you about the Singapore harbor as we pass it. The boat stop at an Temple Island were you get some time to walk around and experience it. It is stunning.

On a nice sunny day you should go to the East Coast and rent a bike. It is perfectly maintained for bike trips along the cost. Beautiful cost line, beautiful beaches very good sea food and just all in all a good bike trip to take for a day.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. After so much sea you would maybe like to experience to real jungle. At Bukit Timah you have a wide range of paths to take that lead you up to the Bukit Timah Summit. You can take a short direct route or take the longer once that will lead you deeper in to the jungle. If you are lucky you can bump in to a couple of monkeys hanging around. Be sure to check the weather report before you go, because in the jungle they have their own little weather system. So even if the rest of Singapore is sunny it may rain and thunder in the jungle.

Pulau Ubin is another place to go for a bike trip. This is a little island that still look like Singapore use to look like. Here you can rent a bike and experience the whole island in just some hours. Here you can see some real wild jungle and maybe even a snake if you are lucky.

Another island to visit is Sentosa Island. This is a very different island, more like a team park. Here they have Universal Studios team park, Hard Rock cafe and hotel, Segways, beaches and so much more. It is a island of fun that is cheap and easy to get to. Fun for the whole family sort of a thing.

These are just some suggestions on what to do for a daytrip in Singapore. If you want to see some more of these places have a look at the video below.


Mr. Satoshi`s tour

First I want to say that I´m not on this trip at the moment. It was done for several months ago, but it take time to edit a month film, and I haven´t had any time before now. When thats said we are now waking up after the first night in Tokyo.

This was our first day in Tokyo and we had our own guide. Mr. Satoshi was a friend of Dave. He had the whole day planned, a full day. I love full days! That mean that I will be nice and tired when the day is finally over and it makes really nice tv. After breakfast he took us to a fish marked. Personally I´m not the biggest fish fan. I like salmon and I can eat other fishes but still not what I would choose for dinner. On the other hand I love sea food, like crap, squid and that was something it was a lot of in the marked. I know, a fish marked don´t sound like the most exiting thing to do. But it helped to have the cutes little Japanese guy taking us around. One thing that really amazed me was the smell. A fish marked should smell like fish, right, but this place didn´t smell at all! It was fresh clean air everywhere.

It was all really nice but the biggest surprise came back at the meeting room, when we went for a toilet break. The toilet seats was warm. Not cold and hard like back home, but warm and nice to sit down on. Why don´t we do this here too! It´s genius!

Well after the fish marked we tried out some nice fresh suhi, yum yum, and after that we went to all kids paradise. The Pockemon store. Im not that in to it, but Dave was so cute running around like a little kid and the real kids was also very very cute, Kawaii!

When you are in Tokyo you must visit a park. They are beautiful peaceful places all over the city. Nice to relax in after a day of walking. Its something real Japanese and so is shrines. You can´t walk anywhere without seeing a shrine and one of the most amazing and beautiful once was just around the corner from our hostel. Luck or what!

We finished it all with a nice dinner at a local pub. The local once is always the best!

If you want to see the film look under Japan.