Food in Singapore

Singapore is known for having a rich variation of food. Since Singapore is filled with people from all parts of Asia they bring with them a lot of their local food. The food is also much cheaper to buy already cooked out then to buy the groceries and cook back home. Something that is very different from most other countries.

When you go out to eat it is a lot of places to chose between. You can go from all range of prices as well as all kind of food. If you are unsure if you will like the local food it is more then enough American and

European restaurants to go to. But you should really have a taste

of the local delicacies. One of the cheapest places to eat is at a Food market/center were they have many small stands were you can get good food.

Singapore is one of the few places in Asia were you can be sure that everything is clean no matter were you are. Every place is checked regularly by the government to see if they are following the guidelines for food cleanliness. The places is then given a sign with A, B, C or OK. If you see a A or OK you know it is a clean place to eat. B and C is less clean, but still clean enough to stay open.

Dave brought his friend to Newton Food market and are presenting some local food you should try if you go to Singapore.



Shopping, shopping and shopping

Even if I love the culture side by traveling, I am a girl and a big part of going to a new place is to take a look at the local stores. London is well known for their wide selection of fashion stores.

We started down at piccadilly circus, also known for the big wall with neon advertisement. A fun place to see and a good starting point. From there we walked up. One tips is to walk a little bit in to the small side streets. Here you can find the more independent, one of a kind, stores, that you later still will remember as something special. I find it really fun to almost get lost in London, because you can always find your way home with the tubes. Just don´t be to late out on no where 😉

After a while we came to Oxford street . Oxford street is the biggest shopping street in London, with all the fashion stores you can imagine. It´s also one of the most busy once. It´s so many people everywhere! For my part it´s a little bit too many people. I prefer the more quiet side streets where I can breath and walk in my own speed, without getting stepped on.

After that we went for Harrods. Harrods is a luxurious shopping center in London. It have the most expensive brands in the fashion marked and the most luxurious exhibitions. It was really beautiful and some not so beautiful. If you want to see someone known you can almost be sure you will come over one or two if you hang round Harrods long enough. It is here the rich and famous shop. So for a backpacker it´s more window shopping I would think.

London is a shopping mecca thats for sure. But I have to admit, a whole day with walking around in stores is hard. It´s not something I would prefer to do. Take some stores each day instead of everything in one day.