Indie GoGo

At the moment I have no new travel videos and I do not know the next time I will have the chance to travel again. While we wait for new travels I would like to promote another fiction film I am making at the moment.

I am working on my last film at UNI, The Choice. This film will be my graduation film and will basically be the start of my career within film. Therefore it is important that this film end up good. So for the first time I am testing out fund raising on Indie GoGo.

“We enter in to the life’s of James and Amy in a important time in their life. James proposes to Amy and their life seems to be perfect. Then Amy is hit by a car and gets paralyzed from neck and down. She doesn’t want to live like that and ask James to end her life, since she can’t do it herself. James has to take the awful decision if he can take the life of his love or not.”

Please help me make this film perfect, go in to and make a contribution. When you have done that spread the word amongst friends and family as well as on all your networks online.

Thank you so much!



Again I am working on gathering votes for mine and Christer Egon Eckermans film “Every me”.

It is now in two different competitions; Noroff film competition and Audience Choice Award at Amandus.

So if you would not mind, cud you go in on these two links and vote for “Every me”. That would be a big help!

Press the blue button to the right with a thumb on, were it say “gi din stemme”. Thank you for your vote.

Press the green button under the picture, were it say “Klikk her for å stemme”. Thank you for your vote.


Thank you again, and please get more people to vote. Every vote is a big help.


Noroff film competition

Then “Every me” are entered in to Noroff´s Film competition.

I need all of your help! Please help me and Christer Egon Eckermann to win this competition.

Just go in to this link and press the blue button with the thumbs up hand on the right side, were it say “Gi stemme her”.

Very easy, takes you three seconds.

Spread the word, thank you for your help!


Flatpack day

We left Turku early, tried to get a head start on the day. It is so easy to drive in Finland. You fast experience that Finland and Sweden have much better roads then Norway. The speed limit is much higher too. But the finish drivers are crazy, I think I drive fast and then some guy comes flying past me and disappear in front of me. Crazy…

Well when we came to Tampere we went to Ikea to buy some stuff to Dave´s new place in Vaasa. We stocked up the car with as much stuff as possible. After that we realized that  we maybe wouldn’t be able to make it to Vaasa before the office that had Dave´s key would close. So the race began.

We jumped in to the car and drove as fast as possible through Finland. Most of the way was high ways in middle of no where, so that was good. The car got a hard trip there, but thankfully me managed to get to the office minuted before it closed. I was really glad we didn´t have to sleep on the streets for a night.

Then we came to Dave´s one room apartment with no bed and carried everything we had in to the house. What a mess of a day, but it was fun and exhausting, so the rest of the day went on to relax.

We are the winner!

For some days ago I posted a post about foXnoMad. I told you all that one of the Japans episodes “Mr. Satoshi´s tour” was nominated in a competition on foXnoMads travel blog. It was a public vote and then 3 other travel bloggers voted and then foXnoMad himself voted. 3 out of 5 voted for us, so we won with one vote!!!

Thank you everyone for voting for us. Everyone on the public vote, but also travel blogger Roni Weiss and Cailin O’Neil for voting for us. This have been some exiting days, so now its just to sit down and decide were the trip will go next, now funded by foXnoMad 😉

Look at how they decided who would win:

Take a look at Mr. Satoshi´s tour once again:

A little break

Hey everyone

I though I would just update Young World before I post a new place tomorrow.

The next trips I will post on Young World will be Budapest (4 episodes), London (3 episodes), Roadtrip to Finland (5 episodes), Besseggen Norway (4 episodes). This Christmas Young World are going to London, Paris, Norway and maybe Scotland. But everything can happen before that. I hope you can enjoy it all as it comes.

Episode nr 2 “Mr. Satoshi´s tour” of Japan have been entered in a competition on foXnoMad. The voting will start in 5 days on October the 12th. I will make you all obs on it when the day comes.

So tomorrow the first episode from Budapest will be posted. I hope you all have enjoyed Young World and that you will keep on enjoying it for the months to come.

Thank you for now, see you all tomorrow.

The first trip

For 6 months ago I met a guy, and he changed my world.

He showed me that its more to life then to live in a little house, at one place all your life. He showed me the world.

After him I got this urged to travel, to see new and exiting places, explore new cultures and see the world with my own eyes.

And thats how this blog came to life. Young World is made for me to be able to show all my friends and family and everyone else that is interested, where I go and what I see on my trips round the world.

I will begin with posting some of my earlier trips from Iceland and Hungary and later I will put up Japan and Wales and what ever comes later in my travel life.

I have been to 22 countries and I intend to double it in a few years…

Keep following my travel blog through this young world.