Kings Canyon

When you get up to the Northern territory you soon find out that most of the place is flat land and road. Not many people, not many cars or anything else. But even if it is so empty it is breath taking beautiful. With the strong red and orange sand between the green plants and the blue sky over it. It is few places I have been that have such strong colors.

Our next stop was Kings Canyon. As we arrived quite late in the day we decided to take the path down in Kings Creek looking up at Kings Canyon, thank walking up on top of Kings Canyon. Since that is a much longer and harder path and you should not walk it when its dark. The path we took was green and beautiful with many different plants and flowers. It even had a little pool in the middle. The canyon looked massive and red from the view point, really magnificent.

The only negative thing about the place was the amount of flies flying around targeting your face… Really annoying always having to hit the flies away buzzing around you ear. At least it is not mosquitoes.

A nice place to visit in the Northern territory.


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