The Great Ocean Road

When you visit Melbourne you should try to put of a couple of days for a road trip along The great ocean road. This road is following a beautiful route along the sea, it have been there for many years and is one of the absolute must see when you are in Australia.

Along the road it is a lot of stop offs to chose between. The first place we stopped off was Split point lighthouse. Here you can get a nice first look at the steep cliffs down to the beaches along the ocean. The beautiful lighthouse is right by a nice place to sit down and have something to eat, if you are hungry. A nice and not to busy place to admire  the nature.

One of the more famous stops is The Twelve Apostles. Here you can see nine limestone stacks in the ocean along the cost. It is a magnificent sight. It is also easy to move around on the well maintained boardwalks and paths that are arranged along the cost. Keep to these for your own safety. As the signs keep on reminding you.

Close by is the Lock Ard Gorge. This gorge is named after the clipper ship Lock Ard that ran aground outside the gorge in 1876. Only two people survied Tom Pearce a worker at the ship and a passenger called Eva Carmichael. Tom Pearce managed to swim to Lock Ard Gorge and when he got on land he heard Eva yell for help. He swam out and rescued her as well.  After she was safe on land he climbed the steep cliffs around the gorge and managed to get help from the local settlers to drag Eva out and to safety. Quite an amazing story.

A bit further down the cost is the London Arch. Previously the place was called London bridge until the first arch collapsed in 1990. No one was hurt, but a couple of people was stranded in the London Arch for a while, before they got rescued.

An amazing trip that everyone should take once in their life.



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