Dubuji boardwalk and crocodile safari

When we were in the Daintree rainforest we thought we should have a look at it up close, so we went to Dubuji boardwalk. Dubuji boardwalk takes you through the mangrove part of the jungle, a small part of it. We saw some insects, birds and loads of different plants. It was very calm and silent from what you are used to and very beautiful. It is really a good way to see the jungle without having to cut your way through it yourself. Something that is not allowed and very difficult. Here you just walked on a already made boardwalk, very nice.

The next part we really wanted to do in this part of Australia was to go on crocodile safari. This is the most common place to see it and the most common place to find crocodile tours. We managed to get on a very nice trip with a local Australian guy. He was very nice and knew a lot about the area, but he also had a very thick dialect so I have to admit we did have some problems understanding what he was talking about sometimes. Anyway, we saw two crocodiles from the boat. It was really strange to see them in the wiled, I know I probably should be scared of them, but they just looked to calm and peaceful…

If you want to see them, just have a look at the video under.


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