Camping, Ellis beach, Port Douglas and Daintree rainforest.

After a lovely time in Sydney we left for Cains. Here we rented a camping car to live in while we stayed in this area. We have never used a camping car before, it was really cool to sit in a couch while you were driving. Incredible how they manage to cramp all those rooms in such a little space! I liked it, was really different from what I have done before. The first place we drove to was Ellis beach. A nice little camping place with beach, pool and shower. The relaxing part of the vacation had arrived.

After staying there a night we took the camping car out on a spin and went to Port Douglas, we drove first up to Port Douglas view point (even if it´s not recommended for camping cars). Beautiful view from there, nice to see all over the city, ocean and rainforest at the same time. Port Douglas itself was a small village with one main road with stores round. You cud easily see that they were used to take care of tourists, and it was really just friendly faces to see. Nice stop over.

Then we drove to the Daintree area, we had to take a boat over a river with the car to get there, kind of cool. When we go over we stopped at a viewing point to see over a small parts of the big rainforest. Still amazing to look at, even if you do get a bit used to it when you see it passing by a whole day. Then we arrived at our second camping ground.

I was not that happy with this one. It was dark and very wet and muddy and on the beach it was signs warning you against crocodiles. It was frogs everywhere!!! Not the best ending of this part of the trip.

If you want to see more, take a look at the video!


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