Stockholm to Turku

The day started very early. Round four in the morning we woke up, packed the car and jumped in. First we had some problems with finding the right port to drive to. But after some messing a round we finally found out that we were going to Värtahamnen and how to get there.

The boat was really nice, and that was good. Because the trio takes 10 hours from Stockholm to Turku. It´s loads of things to do on the boat. Like games, restaurants, cinema, pool and so on. We used the time to get some work done, admire the view and just relax and suddenly we were there.

We were sleeping with one of Dave´s friends, Saara Ingstrom, in Turku. We found her place and she took us out to take a look at Turku before It got dark. Turku is a very artistic town and very beautiful. Its also called Äbo.

It was another on the road, and sea, day. It will be a lot of those, we are on a road trip.


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