One day in Stockholm

We woke up in the tent after a surprisingly nice sleep. Outside it was warm, sunny and beautiful. We got some breakfast and went in to town as soon as possible. This time we had a swedish “guide”, her name was Julia Brolin. The same girl that let us sleep in her garden.

First she took us to Gamla stan, thats the old part of Stockholm. It is so beautiful, with narrow streets, funny stores and wonderful old buildings. We just walked round there for a while to enjoy the harmony the place had. After a while we got out to Stockholm castle with guards  standing outside. Round the corner it we got to see a whole troop of guards march out with music and everything. That was pretty cool. We also got to see Storkyrken where the princess of Sweden just had got married.

After that we left the old town and went in to the modern centrum. Looked at some stores and parks. In the end ended we up on Hard Rock Café, of course, and had a nice lunch in our favorite café. After that Julia had to go, so we said see you later and wandered off alone.

We ended up going to Djurgården, one of many half island along Stockholm’s harbor. It is really beautiful there, with a lot of threes and grass. Statues and not that many people. Just nice to walk and sit there.

In the end I was so tired that we took the boat back to the center and just went back to the tent. Preparing for next day and going to sleep.


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