The end of Budapest

The last day in Budapest we didn´t do much. We were thinking about going to some museums, but the places we wanted to look at was closed because it was a sunday. We hanged round in the lobby while we were thinking about what to do with the day. In the end we went for the closest museum round the corner.

When we came there we found out that it was a to expensive to go in. So again we had nothing to do and decided to go to the airport instead. We took the cutest train to get to the main station. It looked like it was made in the 1800th. At the train station we got the tickets. Took a nice train trip to the airport. Posted a letter to Dave´s grandmother. Had the best salad I have had in a long time and jumped on the plain back to the UK. A very bad day for blogging, but also a very chill day to just relax and say goodbye to Budapest.

It was a really nice trip and I really loved Budapest. Its a city were a weekend is enough, but you can also be there for a month and still have new things to explore. Go to Budapest when you can, its such a nice place.


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