On the top of Budapest

Finally we manage to wake up to right time. We were tired as hell and really wanted to go back to bed, but this time we were set on making the hotel breakfast. I have had better breakfast, but it was more then enough. I got full and happy. But we went back to bed again, because nothing were opening before 12 anyway…

For lunch we went back to Gerbeaud. This time we bought three cakes to taste them between us. I also bought a hot chocolate with cream. That was the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted before and after. It was like heaven in a cup. The chocolate was tick and dark and warm. Real hot chocolate, made the old fashion way. It kicked Starbucks hot chocolate by a mile. I so wish I cud go back, just to taste it one more time.

After Gerbeaud we went to the old Budapest, that is placed on the top of Budapest center. Vi walked up instead of taking the Funicular, we needed the training and the money 😛 And when you walk you also have the chance to stop and enjoy the beautiful view of Budapest in the evening. When we came to the top we cud see all of Budapest in the last sun of the day. It was stunning.

We walked further in inn the old city and came to the fishermen´s bastion. A beautiful bastion. It was really a magical place to be. It was so amazing made with its strange architecture and engravings. It was like the castle in fairy tales.

For dinner today we found a Italian restaurant, “Tom-George“, with the best Milkshake ever 🙂 The funniest with this place was that you cud see the cook make your Pizza. A very nice place, with great staff and great food.


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