Cake, spa and dinner

We managed to over sleep the first day and missed the hotel breakfast. But we got up and in to town to find something good to eat. It was a little bit difficult to understand the ticket system for the metro. But you can buy a 72 hours ticket that will last you for 72 hours 😛 The train them self was so cute, with their old 50s look.

When we arrived in the center  it was no people there. For a moment I thought we got of at the wrong stop. We walked a round, looking at the beautiful houses enjoying quiet Budapest. Dave found this bakery he had read about. The place was called “Gerbeaud” and was a cafe in a 1800 stile. It was beautiful old walls and ornaments, heavy big curtains, in the ceiling they had chandeliers and behind the counter they had so many cakes! Since we were after breakfast we started with a sandwich and after that lovely meal we had to take some cake as well, it was like heaven.

After “Gerbeaud” we went to see Danube, the main river in Budapest. It was so strange to look at the buildings on the other side. It was like they were behind clouds of mist, blurry in a way. But it was beautiful. We found one of many bridges to cross over to the other side. We wanted to test out one of BudapestÂŽs famous baths. I think the bath we ended up in was called GellĂ©rt Thermal Bath. It was beautiful, amazing, dreamy just stunning. I loved it, but then again I love everything from the 1800! It was like a castle, a must see.

After the bath we went up to one of the hills outside. We got a beautiful view over the city, it was sparkling like starts in the dark. We found a beautiful Michelin star restaurant in the city. They had half prize on everything that night and we just went for it. It was delicious! A perfect ending of day nr 2 in beautiful Budapest.


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