Rome in a day

Day two in Rome. Through the whole trip we have been lucky with really good and sunny weather, but you always have to have one wet day and this was the day. But as I always say;

“It don´t exist bad weather, just bad clothes” Siri Saugstad

So we got dressed and went out again. This time we jumped on a tour bus, you know those jump on jump of busses that exist in almost every major city in the world now. Its really nice to just sit in a bus under a ceiling and watch the city go past. It was a little bit colder, but we still had a good time.

One of the major stops we wanted to jump of, was the Vatican city. I didn´t know this, but Dave told me that the Vatican city is a county in its own. So by visiting the Vatican you can cross of another country on your list.  We manage to get in. The last time I was there the line was so long that it took me and my dad almost 3 hours to get in. This time we just walked in. I don´t know why it was like this this time, but the line was nowhere to be seen.

The Vatican just keep on amaze you. Its amazing and beautiful and detailed in every part of the place. On one side I am a very romantic girl. I love those kind of palaces with so much thought and love behind, but on the other side I know the story behind this rich interior. The reason why they cud build all this was because they made people pay for their sin, give indulgence to the Pope. People all over the world did this to get a place in the heaven and this is were it all ended up. Not just this though. They also had soldiers going all over the world gathering treasures for the church. The Vatican was never build on honest money, but it still is a amazing and incredible place in the world. A proof of how creative people can be, when they have the money…

Tomorrow is the last day of our amazing trip to Japan and Rome. Come back in a week and I will tell you all about it.


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