Stranded in Tokyo

Today was the big to do day. We had met up with Victoria, another stranded person and a friend of Dave. We decided to take this as a opportunity to see more of Tokyo. We started with buying a all day pass at the subway station, whit this we cud get everywhere. After that we took Victoria back to Ginza street for some sightseeing and shopping. Since we had been there before we didn´t feel the urge to stay long and went on.

We visited a lot of stores, took some pictures in a strange automat, visited Swallowtail a butler cafe instead of he more usual maid cafe. Well when I say visited Swallowtail it was more looking at the sign, finding out that you have to reserve a table and the turn around and went to Starbucks instead. After Starbucks we went to Sunshine City a known shopping mall. It was really big, just like we had heard, but so is everything else in Tokyo. But its also so much more, its a observatory, museum, aquarium, planetarium, hotel and theatre. We just saw the shopping mall though.

After that we went back to Shibuya. Here we finally found the statue of Hachico. The story about the dog Hachico is really cute. It was this professor that found a puppy all alone on the Shibuya station. He took the puppy as his own. Every day the dog followed him to the station and waited there all day, until the professor came back again at night. One day the professor died at work, but the dog kept on coming to the station every day. Waiting for its owner until it died. And now its a statue of it at Shibuya station.

And the we went to Grand Cyber Cafe B@gus. Its a cafe where you pay for each hour you stay. Then you can eat as much ice cream you want, drink as much as you want, se as many films, play as many games, surf as much as you want online. Its kind of cool, but also a little bit creepy. You get a little box to be in so no one else can see what you are doing. So people can do everything inside those boxes, everything… Anyway its till a must do.

At the end of the day we went to Roppongi and Hard Rock cafe. It´s become a kind of tradition, to visit all the Hard Rock cafes we can find in each country we visit. At least we know its good and safe food, and they are really cool to eat at I think 🙂 A nice way to end the day.


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