Harajuku girl

Well as you maybe remember we now had some extra days in beautiful Tokyo, because the Icelandic volcano by the glacier  Eyjafjallajøkull decided to erupt and stop all plain traffic with its ashes. Anyway, we didn´t complain. The insurance said that they would cover food and hotel, and we had a new flight home some days later, nothing to be worried about at all.

We have spend a round a week in Tokyo by now, but you can spend a year in Tokyo and still see new places every day. So we chose a new place from the guide book and went to look at the harajuku girls at the Harajuku square. Japanese people have this strange thing about cosplay, dressing up. They love it! We had a look at it in Kyoto at the Manga museum but this time we were going to the core. Have you ever heard “Harajuku girl” by Gwen Stefani? Well that is inspired by the place we went today, Harajuku square.

The first we meet is some people dressed up like rockers from 1950. They are placed in groups round the square and are dancing after music. They do not ask for money, they just do it for the love of it. Its kind of cool. Its more then rockers there as well. Everywhere you can see different groups with punk, skaters, goths and so on. All gathered in one place where they can be what ever they want. Its not only the people that interest me, but also the park. The parks in Tokyo is always beautiful, but they also are very different. Earlier parks, like Hama Rikyu Garden in Mr. Satoshies tour, was much calmer, silent in a way. But Harajuku park was busy. People everywhere on picnic, walking the dog, talking, having lunch, preforming, dancing and so on. It was awesome and confusing, all at once.

Deeper in to the park we fell over another shrine, Meiji Jingu Shrine. Here you could buy Votibe tablets to write prayers on and then they was hung round the divine three and your wish would come true. I don´t believe in that stuff, but it did look nice in a way. It was special nice to go round the divine three and read what people had prayed for, even if it felt a little bit like peeking.

It was when we left the park again we saw what we usually thing Harajuku people look like. Standing on the bridge posing for the tourist. I guess If you like to dress like that you like attention, so they look like they were in the seventh heaven. We took some pictures and filmed a bit and then we left the strange world of Harajuku girls.

BTW I had some technical difficulties with the SD card for this part of the trip. It just decided to get corrupted just like the Hiroshima and Osaka card. But this time Dave came to rescue and found this program, Wondershare, that managed to convert the corrupted files over to mov files again. Ok so every clip have now “Wondershare” in the left corner and the quality is mush wors, but I got the film! And when I get back to Swansea I promise to try and fix Osaka and  Hiroshima so I can show you those to.

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2 thoughts on “Harajuku girl

  1. Nice videos there, maybe more comments inserted into the videos will make it more fun and personal to watch. LIKE!!

    • I agree. But I don´t have enough material from my presenter to do that on this trip. I am still learning and Il try to remember to get more comments on later trips! That you for your for good advice 😀

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