Yesterday we came back to Tokyo and was really planning to go to Disneyland today, but because of bad weather we cancelled it and will take it tomorrow instead. So what can you do in bad weather, when you are in Tokyo on one of your last days? That´s easy… SHOPPING! So we went back to the now known streets of Tokyo and went crazy! Since we just needed money for two more days it was no use saving paper yen for the trip back to London. Spend it all was the new plan! And it´s crazy many things you can spend money on in Tokyo. I ended up buying some fans, bowls, t-can, umbrella, hat and a awesome full suite Pikachu costume! And I still want to go back for more, but one backpack have it´s limits 😦

After the shopping we finally had time to go to the Shibuya crossing that Dave had talked about the whole trip. It is one of the most busiest crossings in the world, so he said. I have to admit I didn’t believe him at first, but after siting in that Starbucks in half an hour I believed him. It was packed every time it went green. A continuing stream of people going over. We had to, of course, go over several times, just to be real tourists and really get in to how the crossing work.

After a bit to long time at the crossing we got the tube home. But when we came to one of the main tube stations where we needed to switch tube everything was closed.  We ended up tired, with a lot of bags, walking home. Several stops away from where we stayed in the middle of the night. I was not happy. At least I slept very well that night.

The episode for today is of course out and ready to watch, next episode will be out same day next week.

Keep on reading! It´s more to come 😀


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