Roadtrip and Hangover

Ok, last night was a little bit messed up I have to admit. I got little sleep that night with a very drunk Dave in the room, but now we are in a new and fresh day with new possibilities. The breakfast was amazing, It was so many different things I didn´t know and still don´t know what was, but it was delicious. To bad for Dave that had a awful hangover and didn´t manage to eat anything.

After the breakfast we went on a nice roadtrip up the mountains. Here we found snow and beautiful views. It was really nice to sit in a car for once. In a nice comfortable, warm car, luxury for backpackers. It was a bad day weather vise, so it was a perfect way to use the day. Dry and nice inside but still able to see something. With Dave´s really bad hangover we had a really quiet day with little happening except sightseeing from the car.

In the end we arrived yet again in Tokyo for our last days in the big city!

Keep on watching who ever you are and tell me what you like or not like 🙂

Next episode is out same day, next week.


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