Sing a song

After the fail at Mount Fuji we went back to Tokyo again. This time we didn´t stay long because we was meeting up with mr. Satoshi again. This time to try his hotel in Fukushima, exiting. Fist we took a train, he was waiting for us on the train station and then we jumped in to his car and started driving. His hotel was a while out in nothing it feels like, because that drive took ages. But that also mean that it is away from people, private and silent. And it is beautiful located inside the forest.

The room we got was really nice and made me looking for a nice night with sleep. The hotel also had hot spring baths. We took a trip true it all and got nice and calm before dinner. And what a dinner! It was fantastic. I don´t even know what it all was, but it was sea animals, fish, vegetables and so on. Beautiful decorated on the table. It all tasted wonderful!

After the dinner Dave finally got to do what he had wanted to do since the beginning of the trip, sing karaoke. Mr Satoshi got a karaoke machine set up on the common room. While the singing was going on at a high lever, the drinking was even higher. On the trip we had been good kids and kept away from drinking, kept our self sober and awake. But this night at least Dave gave that up and ended up drinking quite a lot. The sleep I was looking for disappeared after Dave and Mr. Satoshies bottle 2 of sake, each. What a night….

The film is up on youtube and here, still in the right corner under Japan. Enjoy 🙂


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