Mount Fuji fail

Before we went to Japan I had just one wish and that was to see Mount Fuji. Thats the only thing I asked to have in the trip. So we finally got to a city right by Mount Fuji. Known for having a great view. We came really late the day before in the rain and darkness. So we took something to eat and went to sleep.

The next day everything fell apart. It was heavy clouds, rain and impossible to see Mount Fuji. The one day we had to see the mountain was ruined. I was really angry and sad. So we just decided to leave. After looking though some stores and looked at a gallery of Mount Fuji, the thing we could see at all, we went to the station. We got a train in to the city . The train was a real tourist train but really really nice. It was almost as a living room. With sofas and book shelfs! So funny!

It was a nice train ride, but I still felt bad for not seeing Mount Fuji, just clouds.

Anyway, I still have a little film for this day as well. In same place as always.


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