Traditional culture and manga

Kyoto is such a beautiful and traditional city. So the first thing we do would be something not traditional, at least not old traditions. Manga! The love of so many people. The new art and culture that are popular all over the world, but comes from Japan. We went to Kyotos manga museum and it was interesting, but the most fun was when we had picnic in the grass outside and looked at the Japanese boys and girls that was dressed out in strange costumes. The funniest thing was when Dave wanted to take a photo with three girls dressed out like Harry Potter. They were a little bit sky when he first talked to them, but when he said he was from London in England they suddenly got very happy and wanted a picture with him as well. No surprise, he are from the same place as their hero, Harry Potter.

Rest of the day we walked along a know tourist route to look at all the old buildings and shrines that are in Kyoto. Still Im sure we didn’t even se half of them. It is so beautiful in Kyoto with all the flowers, old buildings, geishas and so on. But its also very crowded with people, everywhere. We had a little bit bad luck because we went there the weekend of the cherry blossom. The weekend everyone else was going. We almost didn’t get a place to sleep!

We did anyway end up in a really cool place. A little bit expensive, but really cool. It was a Ryokan, that mean that we slept on madrases on the floor and that the room looked a special way and so on. It hard to explain, Dave tell it much better on the film you can see under Japan in the right corner. So Kyoto is really the place to be, just not under the cherry blossom. It get very crowded.


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