Shrine day

Yesterday we were in Hiroshima and one of the things we really wanted to do was looking at Miyajima shrine, the flouting shrine. But we managed to miss the boat and go on the wrong dock, so no Miyajima shrine that day. Instead we took it this morning and it was really beautiful. Its one of these places you want to stay a long time and just relax and enjoy the view. But sadly we had little time because we had to get the train to Kyoto.

After a short train ride we arrived in Kyoto, the town of shrines. A smart thing to do is to go up the Kyoto tower. In that way you can get a overlook of what to look at in Kyoto. If you had a plan to look at all the shrines in the city, give it up. Its way to many. It´s a new shrine round every corner. But the city are beautiful even the train station is special. The design is amazing, and very high-tech. It´s not many places the train station is a place too see.

One thing that is really Japanese is a Pod hotel. A Pod hotel is a hotel where you get your own little pod to sleep in. Its girl and boy dorm and you sleep in a room with a lot of other people, but everyone have their own Pod to sleep in. It is really nice to look at, very clean. Dave loved it, me not that much. I felt really claustrophobic in that tiny Pod. But still I have to say its a must do. Its really Japanese and different 🙂

If you want to see how it all looked like check out the film on right hand under Japan.

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