Osaka and Hiroshima in 5 minutes

I had a little catastrophe with the memory card I used when we visited Osaka and Hiroshima, it kind of stopped working when I tried to capture the film. The only thing the card wanted to give me was pictures. So instead of giving you nothing I have made a little slideshow for the next three days of the trip.

Still its really sad because these cities are amazing. It was so fun in Osaka. The aquarium was so beautiful that is one of my strongest must do! It was awesome! They had two wales! Hello, who don´t want to see that. They also had a lot of cute, scary and strange animals of the sea. I cud have staid there for ever, just watching the movement and beauty of the animals. We also saw one of the most beautiful palaces on the trip. It still amaze me how beautiful these palaces and shrines are, I just love the roof!

And Hiroshima have so much story to tell about! Not just have it a important story to learn and know about, but its also a beautiful and peaceful city to be in. Lovely people, amazing city. The story and atmosphere really touched Dave. It really got in to him to read about all the people that died and what happened after the atom bombe. It is important to remember and not redo in the future.

It is sad that it all disappears, but I hope you still will like the little slide show I made.

You can see it all up on the right under Japan.

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