Hot Spring

After some days in Sopporo we went for a day trip to Noboribetsu. The only thing we went here for was to go on a hot spring bath. Which is a bath where the water comes from natural hot springs, for those who don´t know. I have to admit that I was not impressed of the place when we first came there. It looked like a ghost town, a really nasty one. And it took some time before we got to the right bus.

When we finally came on the bus I was unsure if we where on the right one or not. And It would have ended up as a nasty argument if it wasn’t for this nice lady, that spoke really good english, that told us that we was on the right bus. She also got us of at the right stop and showed is where the bath was. Sometimes you get very lucky with who you meet. Its so many nice people out there.

One thing about the hot springs that Im personally is not that confutable with, is that you have to be naked. I have never really felt well with that. At least the men and women baths are separated, but that also mean that I was all alone in the bath. No one spoke english and I was the only white girl in the whole place. Ye, I didn’t draw attention to myself at all 😛 The few times I looked around I noticed at least 5 pear of eyes looking at me. Creepy.

A part from that it was a really nice place. Beautiful and quiet and warm. For the first time in a week I cud finally get really clean and really relax. One of my favorite was the outside bath. They had a couple of pools outside in the cold fresh outdoors. It was really nice to sit in a warm pool outside. It is really a must do. At the end I got up and fixed myself and met Dave outside again.

Now we was really hungry. But of some reason no restaurants was open, except one scary looking one. After walked up and down the really nice street with no restaurants we had to go for the scary looking one. It was ok, but not the best place I have been.

After a nice day at the hot spring we were now getting on a night train to Osaka. Not the best place to sleep, but a nice way to get a round in less time.

You can see the film up in the right under Japan. Keep on reading, see you later.


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