Up North

So now we finally are in Sapporo. After a couple of days with stress and travel. Now its time to go sightseeing in Sapporo. First we went just checking out the town. Sapporo is a surprising party and fashion city. I so wanted to go shopping in every store I saw! But we are just a week in and that would mean that I had to go a round carrying that for 2 more weeks, so no shopping for this time. I have to admit when we went in to the pet store I really wanted to save those pore puppies. Put in to small glass boxes, horrible!! I really didn´t like it.

After that shocking experience we left for the university. The guide book told us that the university had the most beautiful garden in the city, so we had to look at it. Personally Im not that impressed. Maybe we came on the wrong time of the year, but it was not that nice. To cheer at least one of us up again we went to the Sapporo beer museum. For Dave this is a must do, for me its not that important. But it was interesting, not that good as the Guinness factory in Dublin, Ireland, but ok.

Done with that. Since we have those nice railway-passes now, we figured that we should use them. So we decided to take the train to Otaru. Told to us that it was a very romantic place, Venice of north Japan. Maybe we was on the wrong places or the wrong time. But I have seen more romantic places before, it was really not that pretty eater. But some of this can have a connection with the fact that I found out at the restaurant in Otaru that my card holder was gone. Somewhere between the trip from Sapporo to Otaru my cardholder was eather lost or stolen, I don´t know what. My driver license, bank card, student card, health insurance card and a 1000 yen gone. Just like that. Not something I experience every day.

We got back to Sapporo, talked to lost and found, talked to the police and I had panic the whole time. How cud I be so stupid! Thank good for Dave, my rock. If he didn´t told me what to do I would have been sitting in that restaurant until they had to trow me out and probably been on a flight home in no time. But it really wasn’t that bad. I closed my bank account, no money had been taken. I already had most of the money for the trip in the hotel room and Dave could always lend me some extra if I needed it. But that night I really felt horrible, most because I was angry at myself for letting it happen. I am usually a very organized person that never lose or forget anything! Bad Siri….


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