Eat as much as you want

Ok, I can say this at once. This is one of the most boring days. Yesterday we arrived in Fukushima and manages (after a long time) to find the right hotel after a lot of wrong once 😛 and there we passed out.

Today our only goal was to get from Fukushima to Sapporo. First we got our railway passes fixed and then we got on the train to Fukushima. The rest of the day was used on sitting on a train, sleeping, working with the scrapbook, deleting useless film and pictures, talk, listen to music and so on. But the main activity of the day was food. The hunt for a good bento or just to get a real bento and not something else.

But please watch the episode. Its not that long and you learn a lot about food and railway, so its a nice break from the over stimulated days we have had to now.

Feedback is always nice, the film is in the right under Japan.

BTW a extra film is put out from day 5. Just for fun, a little surprise in a way. Enjoy!


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