Back in time

Then we were done with Tokyo for now and left for a new kind of adventure. We went outside Tokyo to Edo Wonderland. A village build like it was in the Edo period in Japan. It is also used as film location for a lot of movies from Japan.

This is with no exceptions the must funniest day we have had through the whole trip. First it looked like it was going to be a normal day until we walked in to a costume shop. You cud rent a costume and walk around in it the whole day! We had to do it. I went for the princess costume (yes I know, silly, but hey you only dress out like a japanese princess once), Dave went for the samurai costume, Muye went for a ordinary kimono and Mr. Satoshi also took something more appropriate.

The laughter started already in the dressing room while 3 small japanese people dressed us up. The one that had the most problem was Dave that had to put on a whole armor. It was hilarious. When we finally was done and came out we cud not stop laughing. It didn’t help that every time we met someone that worked there they acted like it was war and ran away. Because the costume Dave used is just used when it´s war in the country. I loved the fact that they had hired actors that walked round in the park. Playing people that lived there. It made it so realistic.

We had also a lot of history lessons in how they was dressed, how the houses was build and how they behaved. We also got to see a couple of shows with geishas and all! It was really cool and fun, so when we left we was really tired and was looking for to fall a sleep on the train to Sapporo. One thing was left before that and that was to check out our railway pass. But when we came to the station they told us that you had to go to special kind of stations so we had to go to Fukushima or Tokyo. Bummer… We ended up on a train to Fukushima and stayed over there a night. So tomorrow the trip to Sapporo begin, one day behind.

See the film on Japan in the right corner, please leave comments of what you think 🙂


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