Top of the world

The trip with mr. Satoshi was amazing. But it was not over yet, on day 4 he still had plans for us. First we met up with a friend of him on my age, Muye, that was coming with us on the tour. Then we jumped on a tour bus. Even if the guide talked japanese and the translation on the headphones was much shorter, it was in all a interesting trip. It´s a nice way to look at a lot without doing a lot.

One of the stops was at Tokyo Tower. It´s a big red tower in the middle of the city that you can get up in and look at the view. And what a view! Tokyo is BIG!   It was impossible to see where the city ended. But it was really beautiful in a urban way. It´s absolutely a must do when you are in Tokyo. And a little bit down in the tower we saw a monkey show. I felt really bad for the monkey, but you can´t help thinking it´s cute. Dave love monkeys, so he was really into the show.

A big thing in Japan is slot machines. I am rubbish at it, I can´t win a thing if my life depend on it. But, Muye is a natural at it (or she have played it way to much). After me and Dave had failed she tried once and got the pikachu on the first try! And she was really nice and gave me the pikachu as a gift, Japanese people are so nice ❤

After the tour bus we went to Akihabara. Here mr. Satoshi gave up his role as a guide and gave it to Muye. She knew how to get around this place. Akuhabara is a shopping district with the craziest stores. Its a lot of electric things, like computers. But also a lot of what ever you want stores. This is where I bought my pikachu jump soot! Its awesome. This is also the perfect district for maid cafes. A maid cafe is a cafe where the staff dress out like maids and behave that way too. Its very popular among the “geeks”, but also ordinary people and tourists use it now and then. Muye had worked on one before and took us there for lunch. A strange but funny experience.

At the end of the day Mr. Satoshi took us too a tall building and led us in to the elevator. When the doors opened I felt so under dressed. It was beautiful! The decoration the view the staff, everything. I could not stop looking. The staff at the restaurant showed us to a private dining room (the best in the restaurant), and what a view. Tokyo at night is so beautiful, with all its lights it look like a star heaven. Even the dinner blew me away. I ate raw meat!!! For the first time, not my favorite, but fun to try. We also got suhi, more meat that we BBQed our self on a grill in the middle of the table, salad, soup (a amazing cream soup with fish eggs in) and in the end they made us sorbet, in the room! With dry ice and it was so cool, thats all I can say.

Again a amazing day in Tokyo. Three fantastic days in a hyper modern Tokyo, tomorrow it will be another kind of day with a more old fashion look at Japan. Keep on visiting my blog, its much more to come.

For the video of this day, go in on Japan in the right corner.


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