Take me to Tokyo

After many months of planning (for Dave´s part, not me), we were ready for Japan. With heavy backpacks we went for the airport. The travel down to Tokyo was ok, apart from that Dave was really sick, but we can´t let that stop us. The plain trip was sick long, I saw at least 5 films before we arrived in Tokyo. Finally, Tokyo…

When I have travelled before, inside Europe, I have always in some way understood what is written or spoken around me. But, this time I had no chance what so ever. Not only was it a language I just know how to say bye and yes, but the letters was different from home too! Its needles to say that it took us a while to understand maps and subways. But, we did manage to get to Ginza street, the Harrods of Tokyo. Before we went home with serious jet lag and fell asleep like two babies (cute).

If you want to see how the day was look at Japan and episode one, it´s really not that bad.

Take me to Tokyo


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